Editorial & Disclosure Policy

The goal of Wheezy Tech is to help people find information, news and reviews related to technology and personal audio and to hopefully be entertaining in the process.

Editorial Process

Wheezy Tech is committed to useful, accurate and practical information above all else.

For gear reviews, we try to stick to what we know best. Products that fit that bang-for-the-buck niche of affordability that are both attainable and of excellent quality.

We extensively test every product that we review. And pride ourselves on our research and commitment to putting out the best, most informative reviews for our viewers as possible.

Each review we publish has hours of research, writing, fact-checking, and editing behind it.

Affiliate Links & Recommendations

In much of our content, especially gear-based content, we may earn a small commission when readers purchase products through our links.

This doesn’t affect which products are included in the content. All of the products we feature are reviewed on their individual merits, quality, performance and overall reputation regardless of any affiliate relationships. We strive to feature the products that would fit best for our audience as a value orientated channel and we don't shy away from criticism of products that don't make the cut.

The commissions we make from our content allows us to continue to fund the channel, such as purchases of new items for review, equipment upgrades and replacements as well as ongoing service costs related to the upkeep of the channel.

For more information on why we use affiliate schemes, please see our article The Ethics of Affiliate Links in Reviews.

If we receive gear to review directly from brands, it’s noted in the review itself, though most of the gear we review is purchased by ourselves. Whilst the channel has not yet featured any sponsored content, Wheezy Tech welcomes any brands or products that wish to pay for promotion or advertising on the channel. We will always mark this content as “Sponsored”.

For more information on products that have been supplied to Wheezy Tech, please see our Relationship Disclosure.

Amazon Associates & Other Programs

As an Amazon Associate, Wheezy Tech may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from Amazon. We also have Affiliate links from Ali Express and referral links from sites like HiFiGo, Drop and ShenzenAudio.

Wheezy Tech trades on its reputation. Our reputation is important to us, and we strive to ensure we only bring content of the highest standards of accuracy.