My name is Noel, sometimes known as "Wheezy". I created Wheezy Tech out of boredom and a need for a creative outlet. It is here on this blog and on the YouTube channel where I post my experiences along my journey into tech, audio and mostly my love for headphones.

I get frustrated by the elitism and gate-keeping seen throughout much of the audiophile and many tech communities. I found it hard to find the information I needed to make informed choices when looking to purchase new toys. So I figured I needed to find things out for myself.

I don't consider myself an "Audiophile", I just really like headphones. I enjoy writing, making video and talking about the things I'm interested in. I don't aim to be an authority or the last word on anything I talk about. I try to describe the things in terms that are objective as well as giving my subjective thoughts. However I am only human, with my own human set of ears. Everything I post, no matter how objective I try to be, is my own personal experience.

For gear reviews, I try to stick to what I know best. Products that fit that bang-for-the-buck niche of affordability that are both attainable and of excellent quality.

I knew nothing about video or photography before starting the channel. But I decided to just do it, no matter how bad the videos turned out to be. I am enjoying working on my technique and ever improving the videos. I aim to make engaging videos that share my personal experiences and hopefully that may be helpful or at least entertaining for you.

With that said... go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/wheezytech

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If you are a brand and want to send over review samples or arrange to sponsor a spot on the channel, please email: contact@wheezy.tech (Business only)