Relationship Disclosure

I aim to make unbiased reviews and be fully transparent about my relationship with the brands I feature. Whenever I review a product, it will have been obtained via one of the following methods:

  • A. Purchased by myself. I can choose to keep the product to use as a reference for future reviews.

  • B. Provided free of charge by company for the purposes of review. This is declared as income. I am allowed to sell the item but I aim to keep the product to use as a reference for future reviews.

  • C. Provided on short term loan for the purposes of review. I will have to return the product when I am finished with the review.

  • D. Provided on long term loan for the purposes of review. The loan period is open ended, but at no point does the product become owned by me and I am not able to sell it. The brand at any point can ask for the product to be returned. In the meantime, I have the product available as a reference point for future reviews.

  • E. Other - Will state specifics on an individual basis

I believe I have disclosed these relationships at the beginning of all of my reviews. For any review where no relationship has been stated I will have purchased that item myself.

Below is a list of products that were provided to Wheezy Tech for the purposes of review:

  • B: 1More Comfobuds Pro

  • B: Drop Panda

  • B: FX Audio DAC X6 MKII

  • B: KB EAR KS2

  • B: Nothing Ear(1)

  • B: Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

  • B: Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro

  • B: Soundcore Life Q20

  • B: xDuoo MT-602

  • C: Burson Audio Conductor 3XP

  • C: iFi Audio Zen DAC

  • C: iFi Audio Zen CAN

  • D: Hifiman TWS600

  • D: Hifiman RE600S V2

  • D: Hifiman Sundara

  • D: Hifiman Deva

  • D: Hifiman HE400i 2020

  • D: Hifiman Ananda

  • E: AKG K371 – After having purchased 4 faulty units that all had to be returned, AKG provided a working unit free of charge as a goodwill gesture. Original review was posted based on my experience with units I had purchased myself.

Updated: 03-11-2022

Review Disclaimers

  • I do not accept payment to review products or to influence the outcome of my reviews.

  • I will always disclose the relationship I have with any company as required by law.

  • I do not provide any preview of my review before it is published.


I am open to running sponsored content on the Wheezy Tech channel. If you wish to sponsor a video or segment then please reach out via the contact email. All sponsored content will be subject to the following conditions:

  • All relationships will be disclosed and made clear that the content is sponsored.